Organization for Social and Economic Development (OSED)

A leading waste management Organization, committed to the Provide Excellent Education in Rural Areas Of Pakistan.

Our Purpose & Values


 This program is a comprehensive approach to caring for Children, through which, OSED strives to enable orphan and street children to get education which ensures a clearer paths for their future. OSED program allows orphan children to be like a normal child, with the same goals, aspirations and opportunities. For this purpose, OSED provides long term psycho-social, educational and health support along with financial support to vulnerable children.

OSED Street Childern Project

OSED is helping the needy, poor, vulnerable and most ignored children group which is street children. Its and initiative to help these children to provide these children non formal education. Garbage collectors group is the focused group for the said project. A Child friendly space is been established to provide them non formal education with lunch and other incentives.100 Street children are beneficiaries of the project.

Major Donors
Orphan Support Projects
Well Dig Health and Hygiene
Seasonal Programs

Ongoing Projects

Being a Humanitarian organization carried out seasonal activities for Muslims and Christians comminutes on important occasions like qurbani , ramadan and christmas etc. The rationale behind these activities OSED strives to provide social protection to destitute and vulnerable segments of the society .

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