Program Summary


  1. Emergency Response


OSED played an important role in providing immediate assistance to the victims of various disasters. OSED has provided quick relief services to various victims of disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, floods, droughts, IDPs and refugees.




  • To provide immediate relief to the victims of any disaster
  • To provide sharp response in order to minimize the sufferings


  1. Health


To extend a resourceful health care system which is feasible, accessible, efficient and responsive to health needs of the affected population, OSED is striving to contribute in maintaining the sustainable health facilities for the population. OSED also provide Health & Hygiene education services to the communities to develop good hygiene practices to prevent diseases and promote positive attitude towards good heath practices



  • To provide affordable, accessible and efficient health services to the poor, vulnerable and excluded communities.
  • To provide health and hygiene education services to the communities and create awareness regarding personal hygiene



  1. Orphan Support


This program is a comprehensive approach to caring for orphans, through which, OSED strives to enable orphan children to get education which ensures a clearer paths for their future. OSED program allows orphan children to be like a normal child, with the same goals, aspirations and opportunities. For this purpose, OSED provides long term psycho-social, educational and health support along with financial support to orphan children.



  • To provide long term psycho-social, educational and health support along with financial support to orphan children
  • To build career and emotional uplift of orphan and vulnerable children
  • To reduce poverty from lives of orphan’s families by providing education


  1. Water and Sanitation

OSED Water and Sanitation Program helps people gain access to clean and safe water for daily consumption and rehabilitation of water supply schemes. The program ensures provision of safe and clean drinking water supply for everyday use and irrigation purposes.



  • To provide safe and clean drinking water facilities to the vulnerable communities of Pakistan
  • To provide safe and reliable water supplies and clean sanitation facilities in households, communities and schools
  • To promote safe hygiene practices through dissemination of messages (latrine use, use of safe water and personal & domestic hygiene) and to provide necessary supplies such as family hygiene kits.


  1. Skill Development


The Skill Development program aims to empower marginalized people (both male and female) by providing training opportunities in different vocations and trades.



  • To reduce poverty and promote economic growth by providing market-relevant skills to the poor and disadvantaged people.


  1. Education

OSED Education Program increases and improves the access to schools for young children, particularly who live in poor and geographically remote areas of KPK and FATA Pakistan. OSED strengthens education system by adopting schools, facilitating for maintenance and renovation expenses, providing supplies for both schools and students.




  • To provide standard educational facilities to the poor and most deserved students
  • To improve and strengthen education system by adopting schools, facilitate them by providing supplies for both schools and students


  1. Seasonal Programs


Iftar us Sayam & Eid Gifts


To share the joys of neglected and underprivileged people of the marginalized communities of KPK & FATA at the greeting of Eid-ul-Fitar, OSED with its humanitarian spirit and initiated Iftar and Eid Gifts Program by providing Eid Gifts and Iftar (food) Packets in deserving communities.




OSED Qurbani Program (distribution of meat) every year to support the poor and join them in the venture of Eid-il-Azha with the same spirit in different parts of the country especially in disaster hit and less developed areas of KPK and FATA Pakistan.



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