Case study Faqir Abad Karak.


On the occasion of opening prayers dua of Open Surface Well he commented “ poor people life is always miserable in this remote area. Our village is situated in the less developed areas of Karak District. Since decades when I was a young boy, I was responsible for managing and brining water for my family drinking and domestic purpose.  I found this a very hard job, I walked miles and hours long to bring water in two buckets with the support of a wooden bar.  Specially in hot killing summer it was unbearable to bring water.

Now after years this task was assigned to my growing children who were remained engaged in brining water from pond and an old Well been 30 minutes walk away from my home.  I felt very sad to see my children tired and sometimes refusal and fighting with each other on turns to bring water.

I wished a miracle and Allah did it today, besides me, my family, my children are enjoying this day like an Eid Day that they will no more get tired of this job.  Now they feel happy and sure pray for the donors and those who took part in this noble task.

Role of Musim Aid:

Muslim Aid is providing clean drinking water in the country.  MA is saving lives by helping them and providing them Health and clean water.  MA has installed Hand Pumps, Solor Pumps and Open Surface Well in District Karak.  For those who know other districts of KP, they know it well that District Karak is the less developed area.  Focusing on such backward and leass developed areas, Muslim Aid is considered one the human friendly organization in the area.


Muslim Aid successfully installed Hand Pumps, Wells and solar panels in the target District Karak.  The available water is of good quality as it is tested from the reputable labs.  MA is well known name for the residents.  Digging Well and installing Hand Pumps in such a remote and backward area is just possible of MA support and team management who carries assessment and focus the most deserving areas.


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