A Story of Success of Muslim Aid Mehmond Agency


Miss Rabia is the youngest daughter  , Rabia is going and covering miles away to bring water for drinking and domestic usage.  She has two small brother and sister.  Rabia was tired of this life since in the hot Summer days she lonely had to walk and bring water.  She was not feeling safe and since she is growing she was facing sometimes harassment on the way to water points.

She said I am really happy and with the support of MA many other young girls like me are now safe and these girls will give much time to studies.

I pray for the best heath and success of donors. May Allah grant Jannah to those who died in the donor families?


Role of Musim Aid:

In the near past Muslim Aid with the assistance of its local partner OSED diged well, installed hand Pumps and solar panels. Without the MA support, these Muslim brother and sisters were in great trouble and it was never possible without this greater support as the community is low income and the soil is rocky harder.  For poor and needy people it was mere a wish.  This is one of the area in Mehmond Agency where Muslim Aid with the support of donors helped and provided clean drinking water.  Community is supportive and is praying for the donors and MA futures success.





If we go and see we will find the ground realities that how much the community was in trouble and was in miserable conditions. NGOs and GOP work almost all country yet in a hard and rocky area like Mehmond Agency with the support of MA it would never be possible.  When we go to Mehmond Agency, we will se Well, Hand Pumps and Open Surface Well which are been built with the MA financial support and MA name is remembered in the residents heart a humanitarian friend organization.  With the MA support it was never possible.



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